This paid camping site is located in Pak Nai, Hong Kong. It has a special viewing rooftop that allows you to enjoy the famous sunset scenery of Pak Nai from a high position as far as the eye can see.

The complete and tidy site facilities (toilets, washbasins, bathrooms, hair dryers, sinks, refrigerators, etc.) allow every camper to have a comfortable and enjoyable vacation even in the countryside.

The entire site is equipped with fixed and spacious campsites, with parking inside the campsites, suitable for a large number of heavy-duty players.

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營具租借 寵物友善 車中泊 全日熱水浴室 觀景天台
Earliest Available Date: 2027-06-23
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營具租借 車中泊 寵物友善 巨型天幕 燒烤爐租借
Earliest Available Date: 2024-06-23
HK$9000 up
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寵物友善 車中泊 燒烤爐租借 巨型天幕 營具租借
Earliest Available Date: 2024-06-24
HK$10500 up
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