Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 1 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 2 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 3 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 4 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 5 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 6 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 7 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 8 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 9 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 10 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 11 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 12 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 13 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 14 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 15 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 16 Young's Holidays 【西貢】綠蛋島浮潛打卡一日游 17


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HK$428 up


由Young’s Holidays 超人氣活動,兩年累計超過4000人參加,2023年另有加配服務可以租借相機,落水影相必備,紀錄你的夏日浮潛之旅!



體驗日期:7月23日 ( 星期日) 8月6日 ( 星期日) 

快閃優惠8折:$499/位 [原價:$548/位]


專業導游/領隊先講解船上安全注意及沿途風光、海洋生態 。



  • 6歲以上略懂游泳則可參加
  • 進行綠蛋島浮潛, 由PADI專業潛水領袖講解基本浮潛裝備使用、陪同及指導浮潛(由講解到浮潛共2-2.5小時)
  • 提供浮潛裝備(助浮衣、面鏡)借用
  • 船上設有沖身設施
  • 出席浮潛遊之12歲或以下小童參加者可獲得紀念禮物包
    (活動出席證書、A4 文件套)
  • 平安保險10萬
  • 浮潛呼吸管及水陸兩著鞋租借 
  • 以上未提及消費
  • 首50位參加者會配備全新呼吸管,用完仲可以拎走!



What do you need for your own? (Auto-translated by Google)
Guests only need to prepare towels, water, swimsuits and relaxed mood. Alternatively, a small amount of light food and replacement mask can be prepared. (Auto-translated by Google)
Can children participate? (Auto-translated by Google)
Yes, you can only participate in children over 6 years old. (Auto-translated by Google)
Do you have to play water? (Auto-translated by Google)
The snorkeling whole process will have coaches and guidance, which will also provide floating clothes, so you can participate. Children with 6 years old can be trying to try. If you are fine 6 years old, you will be able to experience the experience of yourself. (Auto-translated by Google)
How is the harsh weather? (Auto-translated by Google)
When the three or more typhoon signals, red or black storm warnings are suspended 1 hour before departure, the activity of the day will change, but will not refund. (Auto-translated by Google)
Maximum number of people on board (Auto-translated by Google)
The boat can take 48, I will only arrange half of the number. Up to 24 people per group. (Auto-translated by Google)
Coach: The proportion of students (Auto-translated by Google)
Coach: The proportion of students is up to 1: 8, which will be adjusted as the age and experience of students, but it will not exceed 1: 8 (Auto-translated by Google)
Active package snorkeling tool? (Auto-translated by Google)
Provide snorkeling equipment (flora, glazing, breathing tube) borrow (Auto-translated by Google)
Can my myopia participate? (Auto-translated by Google)
You need to have contact lenses or with a degree of mirror, with a degree of mirror, our event is not available. (Auto-translated by Google)
Whether it has been guided tipping (Auto-translated by Google)
Tour guides have included in group fees (Auto-translated by Google)
Whether the same size is worth (Auto-translated by Google)
Yes, the active size (Auto-translated by Google)
Do you have a rushing equipment? (Auto-translated by Google)
Yes, there is a rushing equipment on board. (Auto-translated by Google)


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