Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 1 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 2 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 3 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 4 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 5 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 6 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 7 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 8 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 9 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 10 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 11 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 12 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 13 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 14 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 15 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 16 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 17 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 18 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 19 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 20 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 21 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 22 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 23 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 24 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 25 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 26 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 27


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  • Caravan experience
  • Camper  Economy Plan Waiver Insurance
  • Tax
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Service Type: Overseas
Service Time (From): 10:00
Service Time (To): 19:00


New Heights of Japan Travel - Are you interested in renting an RV and experiencing "modern Japanese nomadic culture" in Japan with your friends? With an international driver's license and a driver's passport, you can pick up and return the camper from many locations throughout Japan, such as Hokkaido, Tokyo, Kansai-Osaka, Okinawa, the Shikoku area, or the Japan airport. Start your Japan camping car tour by reserving various models or sizes of camper vans, such as Toyota caravans, at a special price on the Young's Holidays Japan caravan reservation website. These modern "nomads" can finally travel around in their camping car and find new horizons while being modern nomads.

💰Package Price

PeriodRental Fee (Per Day)
1 Aug-31Oct / 1 Dec-15ec
22Apr-30Jun/ 1Nov-30Nov/ 16Dec-27Dec
C :
28Dec-25Feb24/ 21Mar-21Apr/ 1Jul - 31Jul

🗒️Package Includes

  • 1 Day Caravan Experience
  • 1 Day Camper Economy Plan Waiver Insurance
  • Tax

📍Pickup/Return Location
Naha Airport

Drive around a caravan and explore the unique scenery of Okinawa Ryukyu
Sufficient equipment in the car can solve all daily needsThere is enough space in the bed, and the windows can also ventilate, so you are not afraid of stuffiness

*Recommended Sleeping Capacity: 5 Adults + 2 Children

🚐Additional Charge

Insurance Plan

Want to have fun and be at ease? You can upgrade to a better insurance plan with just a little extra purchase, adding more peace of mind to your journey!

Camping light 



Table and chair
HK$185(each set/day)

Children chair



RV Facilities

Back Up Camera And Screen
Car charger cigarette lighter
Drainage tank
ETC machine
Fresh water tank
Heater System
Power outlet
Pre-air-conditioning system
Snow tires
USB charging socket
side awning

RV Information

Camping Car Type
Fixed Bunk bed size
Fuel Capicity
No. of bedding
Roof bed size
Sofa bed size
Vehicle height
Vehicle length
Vehicle width
Vehicles displacement