Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 1 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 2 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 3 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 4 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 5 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 6 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 7 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 8 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 9 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 10 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 11 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 12 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 13 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 14 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 15 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 16 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 17 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 18 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 19 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 20 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 21 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 22 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 23 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 24 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 25 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 26 Young's Holidays 【沖繩】七人日本露營車租用體驗(CRB771) 27


Booking Info



  • Caravan experience
  • Camper  Economy Plan Waiver Insurance
  • Tax
  • Period A: 08 Nov 23 - 30 Sep 24 (Except Period B,C)
  • Period B: Every Sat - Sun, 26 Apr 24 - 29 Apr 24, 29 Apr 24, 13 Jul 24 - 8 Aug 24, 16 Aug 24 - 1 Sep 24, 16 Sep 24 - 18 Sep 24
  • Period C: 28 Dec 23 - 03 Jan 24, 30 Apr 24 - 04 May 24, 09 Aug 24 - 15 Aug 24
  • When picking up the car, you can use a credit card to pay the deposit for the rental car. The deposit is 150,000 yen. On the day of returning the car, the supplier will return the deposit within office hours after checking that there is no problem with the car.
  • There are mileage limits for campervans, which are: 1500 km/5 days, 3000 km/10 days, 6000 km/20 days, 10000 km/30 days. If the above limit is exceeded, an additional fee of 50 yen per kilometer will be charged
  • Camper insurance is available at: 
  • The following information is required when reserving a camper driver: full name, date of birth, international license plate number, expiration date, copy of global license plate, and copy of passport.
  • If you have a specific vehicle type, please apply when booking. The supplier, upon pick-up will make the final decision.
  • Please bring your toiletries such as a sleeping bag, slippers, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, shaver, camping light, etc.
  • For public and personal safety, only simple cooking ingredients are allowed in the camper, such as drinking or boiling water. Suppose you need to cook heavy flavoured food or use oil for cooking. If you need to cook outside the campervan, please cooperate.
  • Guests are required to properly clean the used kitchen utensils/facilities; otherwise, the supplier has the right to charge for cleaning.
  • Guests are required to dispose of food waste and oily water by themselves and not in the sink of the vehicle; otherwise, the supplier reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee.
  • The campervan is a non-smoking vehicle and is not allowed in the car.
  • The rental fee includes using the rental vehicle, GPS, excise tax and insurance.
  • The GPS is available in both Japanese and English.
  • An ETC card reader is provided in the vehicle, but customers must prepare their own ETC cards.
  • The above rental fee does not include the fuel cost. The vehicle will be filled with fuel before rental, so please fill up the energy when you return the car; otherwise, the company will charge you.
  • If the rental vehicle breaks down and cannot be driven, please call the store where you pick up/return the car for assistance.
  • When choosing a car, passengers should pay attention to the number of passengers and the size of their luggage and leave as much space as possible to avoid overcrowding.
  • When picking up the car, the driver (no limit on the number of passengers) must submit a valid international driver's license to the car rental company for photocopying and filing and must check whether the car is damaged or abnormal in appearance and function, and whether it has been filled with fuel before picking up the vehicle.
  • In addition to the car rental fee, the driver must pay all other miscellaneous expenses (such as highway fees, en-route/hotel parking fees, fuel fees, admission fees to sightseeing spots, etc.).
  • In case of illegal parking and speeding fines, the car rental company will recover them when the car is returned or afterwards.
  • If the accident is not reported to the police (no accident certificate), the insurance will not be accepted, and the customer will pay all compensation.
  • Suppose the customer has violated the local driving regulations (e.g., failure to pay for illegal parking, speeding, etc.). In that case, the rental service will be affected in the future, and all rental fees paid will not be refunded if the car is not collected for this reason.
  • The price is based on the day's lowest price for air tickets, hotels and surcharges, and the exact cost may change due to currency exchange rates and availability.
    Once the tour product is confirmed, all contents cannot be changed, and no refunds will be accepted for all payments made.
  • Since the traveller cannot provide the travel documents to our staff for inspection at the time of application, the traveller must check and ensure that they and their companions
    *The English name of the traveller must be the same as the English name on the travel document.
    *The travel document's validity is based on the departure date and must be at least six months.
    *Have a valid visa for transit or entry
    *Passport with sufficient blank pages for immigration purposes
  • To ensure peace of mind, the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong recommends taking out a travel insurance policy to protect yourself when travelling abroad.
  • We will not accept any refund request if you cannot board the flight as scheduled.
  • The above pictures are for reference only.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
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Service Type: Overseas
Service Time (From): 10:00
Service Time (To): 19:00


New Heights of Japan Travel - Are you interested in renting an RV and experiencing "modern Japanese nomadic culture" in Japan with your friends? With an international driver's license and a driver's passport, you can pick up and return the camper from many locations throughout Japan, such as Hokkaido, Tokyo, Kansai-Osaka, Okinawa, the Shikoku area, or the Japan airport. Start your Japan camping car tour by reserving various models or sizes of camper vans, such as Toyota caravans, at a special price on the Young's Holidays Japan caravan reservation website. These modern "nomads" can finally travel around in their camping car and find new horizons while being modern nomads.

*Please note that camping car rental is calculated per day, and you must pay for the first day of rental fee of booking the additional service.

🗒️Package Includes

  • 1 Day Caravan Experience
  • 1 Day Camper Economy Plan Waiver Insurance
  • Tax

📍Pickup/Return Location
Naha Airport

Drive around a caravan and explore the unique scenery of Okinawa Ryukyu
Sufficient equipment in the car can solve all daily needsThere is enough space in the bed, and the windows can also ventilate, so you are not afraid of stuffiness

*Recommended Sleeping Capacity: 5 Adults + 2 Children

🚐Additional Charge

Insurance Plan

Want to have fun and be at ease? You can upgrade to a better insurance plan with just a little extra purchase, adding more peace of mind to your journey!

Camping light 



Table and chair
HK$190(each set/day)

Children chair



RV Facilities

Back Up Camera And Screen
Car charger cigarette lighter
Drainage tank
ETC machine
Fresh water tank
Heater System
Power outlet
Pre-air-conditioning system
Snow tires
USB charging socket
side awning

RV Information

Camping Car Type
Fixed Bunk bed size
Fuel Capicity
No. of bedding
Roof bed size
Sofa bed size
Vehicle height
Vehicle length
Vehicle width
Vehicles displacement